SINCE 1975, Union Foundry has been producing quality manhole covers casting in Jordan for over 44 years

Quality Comes First

  Union Foundry has been producing quality castings from manhole covers, gratings trenches & surface boxes in Amman Jordan, for over46 years. 

The commitment to quality and service that started in 1975 is still the driving force behind union Foundry being recognized as the quality and service leader in the industry.  

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Our updated catalogs of construction casting and manhole covers gratings trenches &surface boxes will provide you with various categories of Union casting and our various special services.

Our Quality and Process Control Policy

In Union Foundry, the quality we provide our customers depends on strict control and attention to details. Each manufacturing phase is subject to accurate control process. 

Our consistent quality is realized through our strict adherence to process standards which is a significant aspect for all operation parties. 

Customized attention

All our orders, regardless of their size and type, are paid a special attention of our service department personnel. 

They receive customized training to bacome accurately familiar with our products.

Load Capabilities Testing

Load bearing capabilities of any of our covers and grates can be made available using a special compression testing machine. Free of charge information service is available.

Casting Development Assistance

Our Product Engineering Department will work with your engineers as you design castings that are suitable for your intended task in order to treat cases where special job requirements call for an unusual casting we do not have. 

As a part of our service, we are ready to provide you with details of your design.

Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials are used to manufacture our castings. Such materials include vehicles bodies and other scrap irons.